Founded in 1948 

Moscow Committee of Science and Technology

About Us

  • OJSC "Moscow Committee of Science and Technology" (MCST) is a company with 65 years of history.

    From 1948 to 2011 - a leader in the implementation of research and design and survey work at the Moscow market.

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Our history

  • 1948 -
    foundation of the company
    2000 -
    development of new product
    2008 -
    introduction of new technologies
    2014 -
    development of new departures

Our Team

  • The main value of our company is our employees, who are passionate professionals. For our company investment in qualified personnel is the basis for long-term success. We have formed a team of highly qualified specialists, whose, well-coordinated work allows us to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Professionalism, trust in collegues and team work determines the reputation of our Company.