Founded in 1948 

Moscow Committee of Science and Technology

We think globally

OJSC "Moscow Committee of Science and Technology" - a company with a sixty-five-year history.

Has a rich experience in research and development works. Today the company is developing in the field of consulting and reengineering.

"Moscow Committee of Science and Technology" was behind the implementation of major innovative projects of the city and solved the most urgent for the life of the city and country issues. Today we are pleased to offer you our services for an exciting and productive collaboration, and help to make your business more successful.

Analyzing and solving complex problems, we think globally, taking into account the economic and legal perspectives, combined with marketing and IT aspects. We rely on the professionalism, independence, effectiveness and reality of our actions with regard to the solution of the client's needs.

We offer a wide range of services and are always ready to help our clients in all areas of their business development: from the audit analysis of the market perspectives - to the accounting and tax reporting, from the drafting of the business plan - to representation in the supervisory bodies.