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Due diligence

Are you planning a deal to buy a business, merger, takeover, participate in an investment project or a credit operation?

Minimize the risks by obtaining an objective idea of the commercial attractiveness of the subject of the transaction or the object of investment.

Our company provides a wide range of consulting services, among them the legal Due Diligence. This is a set of activities that represent a comprehensive examination of the forthcoming transaction or investment project, in order to identify and minimize possible legal risks.

We offer you a legal check:


  • ownership and disposal of assets;
  • the legal status of the object of acquisition or investment;
  • absence or presence of encumbrances, including in the framework of judicial and legal actions;
  • commercial documentation, including international contracts;
  • documenting the relationship with employees, counterparts, partners;
  • other aspects of business for compliance with the requirements of existing legislation.


The result of our experts' work is a detailed report reflecting the legal validity of the forthcoming transaction, compliance with legal requirements and the interests of the client, a balanced assessment of the identified risks, and the likelihood of their occurrence subsequently.

Also within the framework of the legal Due Diligence, we offer


  • examination of the expediency of the transaction;
  • assessment of the market value of the object of the transaction;
  • participation in negotiations for the purpose of defending the interests of the client;
  • verification of the legal purity of the documents submitted;
  • drafting of contracts and making adjustments in the interests of the client in the variants of the agreements proposed by the parties;
  • ensuring compliance with the terms of the contract by all parties to the transaction;
  • representation of the client in court during the proceedings.


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