Founded in 1948 

Moscow Committee of Science and Technology

Expertise of business plans


Any project related to investments should start correctly with the development of a business plan, which details the technological and organizational aspects of the project, the system of internal and external factors that affect its profitability. Such a service as an evaluation of the business plan gives an opinion on how efficient the investments in this project are at different levels of profitability.

Evaluation of the business plan can be treated in two ways. On the one hand, this is an expert examination, during which experts understand how it is arranged, look for errors in its sections and make a list of recommendations for the successful implementation of the business plan.

And on the other hand, the procedure for evaluating a business plan can be conducted in order to find out the market value of a ready business plan. If experts highly appreciated a business plan, it can be sold for a rather large amount of money. Since investors and modern businessmen are ready to pay money for interesting and already worked out business ideas.