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Pre-sale preparation of business

In order to sell the finished business at the maximum price, it is necessary to ensure its investment attractiveness. The success of a deal depends on how well the business is prepared for sale. At this stage, a thorough examination is carried out and legal, financial or organizational restrictions that can significantly reduce the bid price are eliminated. Pre-sale preparation includes:

  • Legal audit. Allows minimizing legal risks of the buyer. Our consultants will provide detailed recommendations for the elimination of existing shortcomings and will offer effective schemes for selling the business.
  • Financial audit. It allows to determine the "transparency" of management accounting and bring it in line with the requirements of the investor. Further, the data of the normalized reporting are used at an estimation of operating business.
  • Tax audit. It allows determining the degree of riskiness of tax schemes that a company or enterprise use. High tax risks can significantly reduce the cost of business. The recommendations of a professional business broker will reduce tax risks to a minimum.
  • Business valuation. It is carried out taking into account the financial analysis, the value of assets and the payback period of investments in the acquired business. Most often, pre-sale preparation uses an unofficial estimate, because of accounting data management, not accounting. Despite this, the assessment is conducted in full compliance with the requirements of current legislation and evaluation standards. We apply both generally accepted and proprietary valuation techniques developed taking into account many years of experience in the sale of a ready-made business.